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New Website Loyalty Program
From Global Pharmacy Wholesale we are giving back to our Customers that are buying directly from our website platform. An instant 5% off all orders & Earn Loyalty Credits (Cash Back) & Prizes(Refer to the ABOUT Drop Tab above for more information about the program or call & ask your Sales Rep)
GPW Loyalty Program
The Global Pharmacy Wholesale Family wanted to give back to the Loyal customers that are buying directly from our experienced Sales Account Managers. Earn Loyalty Credits (Cash Back) & Prizes. (Refer to the ABOUT Drop Tab above for more information about the program or call & ask your Sales Rep)


Do the Right Thing
Integrity and honesty must be the cornerstone of our belief systems. Doing the right thing must be a part of our decision-making process, regardless of who or what is involved.

Strive for Excellence
While we will never be perfect, we must strive for excellence in everything we do. Superiority, distinction, and quality are what we must demonstrate each day.

Show Respect
To show respect we must honor, admire, and value other peopleís perspectives. We have an obligation to treat others as we want to be treated.

Be Accountable
We are all a product of the decisions that we make, not of the circumstances that surround us. Without accountability, there are no results.

Celebrate Success

Celebrating our success encourages more success. Celebrate every victory--no matter how small--because each one brings us closer to achieving our goals.

Be Innovative
We wish to create a corporate culture that challenges us to think creatively. We will foster continual improvement while developing unique solutions that help solve our customers' and suppliers' problems


Important Information

U.K.-based Boots pharmacy

According to a report, Walgreens is putting advisors in place, including Goldman Sachs, to explore options for Boots.

BJís Wholesale Club to open Pittsburgh

Located in Pennsylvaniaís South Fayette Township, this new club will be the retailerís first in the Pittsburgh market, the company said. BJís Wholesale Club is opening a brand-new club in Pennsylvania.